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Personalized Guided Sightseeing Tours

Available tours in four seasons from a half to 6 hours
with little or very knowledgeable guide.
We are available always from the city center or we pick you up by your hotel.
Explore the heart of Budapest with a tour that you wouldn't think it's so good. We mean it!

The price is for 2 adults and a child, for a third adult in the same cab there is 20% extra charge.

Choose from the menu or call us for the very personalized tour!

    Budapest Basic Tour

    Start and finish in the City Center and its a good choice if you are new in town.
    Central area of Budapest including the most visited sights.
    Day or Night.
    St. Stephen Basilica - Parliament - Chain Bridge - Duna Corso

    Duration:  30—40 min
    Price: 30 €
  • Map Basic Tour

    This part of the city has the most sights in one square kilometer. The route starts usually from Vörösmarty square the square of cafés, large terraces and loads of people. The view of the Buda Castle and the Széchenyi Chain Bridge is a Unesco World Heritage site.

    The Szabadság (Liberty) square with the National Bank, U.S. Embassy and the second largest Parliament building are also there for you to see.

    This trip has general things that is good to know about us, about the city.

  • St.  Stephen's  Basilica

    St. Stephen was the first catholic king of ours he converted the whole nation from 'pagan' beliefs to the 'Roman Catholic Church'.

    The great flood of 1838 destroyed the whole town wich was definetly smaller than today. On the place of Bazilika a hill saved the lifes of about a 100 people who wanted to thank God with a huge church. The construction took so long because of financial problems some dissaster, it was completed in 1905.

    It is the highest building of Budapest with 96 metres which is the height limit of the town.

  • Film Tour

    Since the 80's Budapest gave place for many Hollywood movie productions.
    This tour of ours is a collection of places that you already saw in:
    Die Hard5, Spy Game, Underworld, I Spy, Evita, The Borgias, Hudini, Dracula, Michael Jackson-HIStory etc.

    Play time:  90—120 min.
    Price:   70 € — 100 €
  • nÈpstadion

    The Queen concert in 27 of July 1986 was their only concert behind the Iron Curtain which separated Europe for almost a half century. There were not only hungarians on the concert but czech, polish, yugoslavians it was like an exclusive Eastern Block concert. The Népstadion was never loaded more than that night..

  • Films  of  Budapest

    In the 'communist times' some arts were supported by the leadership as the film academy. We had a chance to develop many professional film crues, since the 90's they co-produced Hollywood movies right here. They are experienced, speak english, the town is full with beautiful locations so it's cheaper to shoot a quality movie scene here then in the western countries. What else a prodeucer needs?

    Some stars who were here for more than one night: Anthony Hopkins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Robert Redford, John Cusack, Bruce Willis..

  • Budapest Parks Tour

    There are two big parks in Budapest.
    This tour is a good choice if you rather want to chill
    and relax but still be on 3 wheels and keep moving.
    City Park, Margaret Island

    Duration:  90 min./park
    Price:   from 70 €
  • Margaret  Island

    It is a natural island in the middle of the river which has a long historical background.

    The island has a large open air theatre, an even larger public spa, some swimming pools, and a lot of green, for jogging, laying on grass and having a natural rickshaw ride.

  • VÀrosliget

    Made for the 1896 World Exhibition behind the Heroes Square, Városliget is the home of the Zoo, the Amusement Park, the Famous Gundel's Restaurant, two lakes and the Széchenyi Spa that you see on this photo.

  • The Big City Tour

    Rider's suggestion! Budapest advanced. This one contains the necessary informations the important sights and many of the things that we citizens like in it. The Big City Tour doesn't rush through like a Basic Tour, you can see and even touch things. This is the real Budapest experience.
    Budapest A—Z

    Duration:  60—180 min
    Price:   60 €—120 €
  • Heroes Square

    The Heroes Square was built to be a gate for the City Park (Városliget) for the World Exhibition of 1896.

    The Millenium Memorial present statues of arc angel Gabriel, all magyar tribe leaders, then hungarian kings, lords since St.Stephen until the first Regent-President of the kingdom of hungary Kossuth Lajos (1848-1849). The collonades are decorated with neoclassical style symbols for art&science, human work, peace and war.

    On the square you also find the grave of unknown soviet solders from World War II.

  • SzÉchenyi Chain Bridge

    Constructions between 1842 and '49. The first permanent bridge on river danube collapsed once during the contruction and was bombed in WWII. Despite these two stories the bridge makes a noble connection even for the 21st century's car traffic between Buda and Pest. It's father was a hungarian Count István Széchenyi (portrait on the 5000Ft note), it's designer was an english man William Tireney Clark (Marlow Bridge U.K.), it's engeneer a scottish Adam Clark, who became hungarian and lived here for the rest of his life.The massive construction was an engineering wonder of the time. A bridge built between East and West!

  • In tha Ghetto Tour

    District 8 was a very developed civilian area at the turn of the 19th and 20th century.
    It turned to be a ghetto in the 1980's. Since 2000 there are lots of new developments,
    so it makes district 8 the most controversial part of the city.
    District VIII.

    Duration:  120 min
    Price:  100 €
  • graffiti

    Graffiti's are all over the town, this one is one of our favourites ones. Street art was not really popular until the beginnig of the 2000's. Now year after year talented artists spred their words on walls, express, transform, and make fun on the buildings of the larger downtown area. Thanks to some of the Ruin Pubs and the lazy owners of abandoned buildings there is always a vergine surface.

  • TÖmÕ street

    Józsefváros or Joe City in english was the unfamous part of Pest because of drug users, prostitutes and many unlike person in the nightlife of the 80's, 90's.

    Then suddenly the CCTV camera system was introduced on planet earth and the streets went clean of drug traffic and other crimes.

    Crusie around in these streets, but never, i mean never go into a house with an opened gate.

  • Shopping Tour

    Ladies, lets do a shopping day with us!
    Visit exclusive shops all over the town
    in the easiest and most comfortable way with a private driver.
    Fashion Str., Váci utca, Andrássy Ave.

    Duration:  Unlimited
    Price:  35 €/hour
  • AndrÁssy Avenue

    The Avenue of Luxurious Shops:
    Moncler, Louis Vuitton, Escada, Massimo Dutti, Furla, MaxMara, Guess, Gucci, Douglas etc..

  • Fashion street

    Next to Váci street this is the pedestrian shoping area:
    Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, United Colors of Benetton, Nanushka who is the next world famous hungarian fashion star.

  • Historical Buda and Historical Pest

    Buda the hilly and silent side with the monumental Castle,
    Pest is the flat one dates back until the Roman times.
    Choose Buda if you want to try out the funicular and cruise around in the Castle.
    Choose Pest to know how it transformed in the last 2000 years.
    Buda Castle, Pest Inner City

    Duration:  30 —90 min.
    Price:  30 € —70€  (ext. cost:  funicular 4€)

    The Fisherman's Bastion is a representative part of the Castle. Each profession had an area on the castle wall to protect in wartime, so this was the fishermans part. The building complex was made by Frigyes Shulek in the 19th century it copies the shape of the tents of the nomadic tribes like ours about 2000 years ago.

  • Last Soviet Monument

    The last soviet monument of Pest on Szabadság tér is also a grave of some soviet soldiers from WWII. The town was full with even more horrible statues than this, so far so good this is the last ship of the sunken fleet.

  • The Night Life

    The latest attraction of Budapest are the Ruin Pubs.
    Among them there are many Open Air places for the good weather time,
    and the Big Clubs that are open all year around.
    ...if you wanna remember them

    Duration: Unlimited
    Price:  from 30 €
  • Moulin Rouge

    Yes, this is the Budapest one! Right in the Theatre quarter. Not so far from the place starts one of the party streets. Take your Saturday Night dress and jump into it!

  • Budapest by Night

    Many cities in the world starts nightlife quiet early for the hungarian party sense. Don't rush into it when you visit Budapest! This city wakes up late for the party people and goes to sleep when others already working.