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Is it hard to PEDAL ?

-Yes!  -No!
That's the No.1. question that everybody's asking all the time . As hard as about 100kg for the vehicle, and at least the double for two passangers and the driver. Add some rolling resistance, and check out the windbag to be able to count the real amount of wind resistance against the whole vehicle. Oh don't forget the friction of the mechanical parts.
Look for backwind!

Is it SAFE ?

From the statistics the rickshaw is one of the safest vehicle before airplanes, train etc.


Nope, we use organic fuel only: Bread & Milk!
And all the rest of the home made hungarian cuisine.
Work hard live long!

Can you take me to my HOME country ?

Yes, make sure that you have a flat on my name before we start to cross borders.

What was the LONGEST distance on a rickshaw ?

Budapest - Balaton Sound Festival: 150km

What would be yours?

Can I DRIVE it ?

If we just meet in town somewhere certainly not.
Here you can order the RENT A CAB event.
People just can't drive first time safely for a street traffic.
Takes about one hour (or so) and it works.

HOW MUCH you drive in a day ?

Normally a rickshaw rider is on the street from 3 to 12 hours depending on the season and pre orders and basicly it depends on you.

Why is it LUXUS RIKSA ?

Because after a couple of years on the street we experienced
a (very) big difference between the attitude of the rickshaw drivers.

What is the longest hungarian WORD ?